What's The Best Way To Follow Up With Clients After They Visit Your Trade Show Exhibits?

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Published: 23rd October 2011
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Taking portable displays to an event is a great way to find new customers. There, you'll be able to allow your table top display or other trade show exhibits to do the talking and create interest with new and old customers alike. Once you've packed up your portable displays and trade show exhibits and are ready to head back to the office, what do you do? Is it best to contact potential customers by email, by phone or even in person? Different methods of communication work for different customers, so make sure to qualify them while they're visiting your portable displays. Doing this while they're at your trade show exhibits will help ensure you're spending time where it counts and not wasting personal visits on potential clients who are only somewhat interested in your business.

Following Up By Email For Casual Visitors To Your Trade Show Exhibits

If a customer only seems casually interested in your product or service after visiting your table top display, it's best to contact them by email. Email is ideal for these situations because it's possible to craft a one-size-fits-all note and then personalize it a little for each customer. Whatever you do, don't send out an email blast. If you do decide to go this route, even though it isn't recommended, make sure you blind carbon copy each recipient to help protect potential clients' privacy.

Calling Other Table Top Display Visitors On The Phone

If a lead seems more than casually interested in your product, but isn't ready to sign a contract right away, a phone call is more appropriate. Decision makers and office administrators are busy people and are often pulled in all sorts of different directions. If you can't get in touch with your potential client or there's a gatekeeper receptionist, send an email and ask to set up a phone call. Be clear about what you want to talk about so your client isn't left wondering what he or she is doing talking to you.

Contacting Customers In Person If They're Very Interested

Truly hot leads should be contacted in person, if possible. You've already convinced at least one person in the company that they need your product or service, so now it's time to convince the rest of the decision makers. Offer to bring your portable displays directly to the company and put on a mini sales event just for them. This helps get your product into the hands of the people who can benefit most. Your potential client will feel important that you bothered to bring your products directly to them and this can help you create a sale and a long-term relationship. It goes without saying that you should never just show up at a business, so make sure to make an appointment first.

Many companies feel like the focus should be on their trade show displays and the events they attend. While these are definitely important, the most vital part is actually the follow up. If you don't contact your customers after the event and simply wait for them to come to you, you'll be missing out on making important sales.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, a leading national and international designer of portable displays. Skyline trade show exhibits win awards nationwide and are recognized for their style and durability.

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