Replacement Windows -- What's The Best Type Of Vinyl Windows

Published: 17th January 2009
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One of the most important steps of choosing replacement windows is deciding what type of wood or vinyl windows you would like to have. A large part of this decision is convenience and aesthetics, but it isn't the only factor to consider. Where the window will go and the amount of space you have also makes a significant difference in the style you choose.

Casement, Single, And Double-Hung Replacement Windows

One of the most common types of windows, casement-style vinyl windows, adds a contemporary feel to your home with its single sash. This can open out, to the right, or left. These are best known for their wider view allowing more natural light to come in, providing better visibility from the home.

Usually in wood, double hung varieties are often found in older homes. They add a more traditional feel to the home. You can find them in wider widths than casement styles, and can often use a single double hung instead of two casements. Many people select this style because optional ornamentation makes them as much of a delight inside the home as outside. Single-hung versions can only open upwards.

Bow And Bay Vinyl Windows

Many people often get these two types confused when purchasing replacement windows. Both styles come out from the actual framework of the house, but that is about where the similarity ends. Bay windows are three joined panes that create a single visual area similar to a semi-circle. Generally, they have two double or casement windows with a fixed frame on the side, but they can contain vented and fixed as well.

Bow styles consist of four separate windows to create the half-circle type shape. They have more viewing area and add visual space to the room. You can choose from a combination of fixed or vented styles, or use all the same type.

Fixed, Sliding, And Awning

As you may have guessed, fixed replacement windows can't be opened, but they make up for that in style. These come in straight glass, mullion bars, as well as various designs, colors, and styles to fit any space. Sliding varieties will only open by sliding it on its rollers to the right or left. It eliminates the need for additional exterior finishes because this style comes with a sleek trim on its own. They are also beneficial in areas where you would not want it to open outwards such as along a stairway or walkway. Similar to casement windows, these are short and often very wide. These are ideal for placing under or over windows and doors to provide additional light and ventilation.

Replacement windows are generally chosen for price, but style should also receive careful consideration. Vinyl windows can change the interior and exterior appearance of your home. They can increase the amount of light the interior of your home receives, increase its ventilation, and even add beauty with specialty finishes, colors, and ornamentation. When you consider all of these factors, you will be able to enjoy a home that is both comfortable, and beautiful.

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