Making The Most Out Of Vacations in Chile: Things To Do And See

Published: 20th December 2011
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Chile can be among the most fun and exciting vacation destinations in the world. There's so much to do and see in this South American country that it is a good idea to travel with a plan in mind. From the mystery that represents Easter Island, to skiing, to touring wine country, Chile is full of unexpected activities.

Travel to Easter Island

Easter Island is a small island that is thought to be the most remote inhabited island in the entire world. The island is known for its famous statues, called moai, as well as cave drawings, elaborate woodcarvings and more.

Modern day visitors to Easter Island can travel to a local market, volcanoes, beaches, and of course, the moai. Travelers can go surfing and scuba diving in the island's ocean waters, hike Mount Terevaka, go horseback riding and more. Although the island is remote, it thrives on tourism so there are plenty of places for visitors to eat and stay.

Skiing in Chile

Ski season in Chile typically runs June through October, though it can sometimes vary a bit. Because South America has a different ski season than North American or European locations, skiers from all over the world travel to South America for ski vacations. One of the newest ski resorts offers snow sports enthusiasts both skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Valle Nevado has over 21,000 acres of skiable snow and caters to both beginners and experts alike. The resort also has a Half Pipe for snowboarders and it is the only one in the country recognized by the International Skiing Federation.

Exploring Wine Country

Chile is one of the most famous wine producing countries in the world. It is among the top five wine exporters and a must see for all wine lovers. Visitors can choose from a number of wine tours that take them through the area's vineyards and wineries. Guests can travel by coach, car, or even bikes and horeseback to help them stay in touch with nature. Wine lovers will enjoy the chance to sample individual Chilean wines and can even purchase their favorites right on the spot to take home to share with friends and family.

Foods to Enjoy in Chile

Many travelers expect the food in Chile to be unbearably hot, after all, the country shares its name with a pepper. This simply isn't true, however. Chilean food is mild and heavy on the seafood since the country has such a long coastline. A typical dish in the southern part of the country is curanto. Curanto combines fish and other seafood, potatoes, meat and bread. Everything is cooked together, either traditionally over hot rocks in a hole in the ground or in a pot on a stove or fire. If you order a salad in a traditional Chilean restaurant, be prepared to receive sliced tomatoes and onions with an oil-based dressing. Seafood items include almejas con limon (raw clams with lemon juice), ceviche (raw sea bass that's been minced and combined with lemon juice), mariscal (a cold soup of raw seafood) and congrio frito (conger eel that's been deep fried).

No matter what travelers want to do on a vacation to Chile, the country offers something for nearly everyone. History buffs will love the experience of visiting Easter Island, while thrill seekers can head to the slopes for some fun. Wine and food lovers are also in luck, which means the most difficult part is to choose which activities to do on their vacations.

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