Florida Vacation Rental Solutions For Large Groups

Published: 25th March 2009
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As families are spread out all across the country, it's becoming more common for large groups to meet at a popular vacation destination like Orlando. Instead of trying to book multiple hotel rooms, large groups can simply book a villa rental in Orlando so everyone can stay in one place. Doing this means it's easy to get everyone together before heading out to the area attractions. Additionally, many of these vacation rental homes in Orlando offer a private pool and have a full kitchen, which means you don't have to face the long restaurant waits while the staff prepares a meal for a large table.

Staying In A Villa Rental In Orlando Means Easy Organizing

If you're trying to organize a vacation for a large group of family or friends, staying in one of the many Disney vacation rentals means it'll be easier to get everyone going. Instead of spending hours on your cell phones trying to figure out the best time to meet, you'll have everyone in one place, making organizing easy. Having everyone together also means families can split up if they want to because everyone ends up at the same villa rental in Orlando.

Staying In Vacation Rental Homes In Orlando Is Less Expensive

Staying in a hotel with a large group means you'll need many different hotel rooms. The cost can quickly add up, especially if you're taking a longer vacation. It's possible to find a villa rental in Orlando that can sleep up to 14 people, which can really help spread out the cost. Even small families can benefit from renting a villa rental in Orlando. Oftentimes, families with young children need to stick to strict bedtime routines. If the family has rented a small hotel room, the parents are forced inside early or need to find a babysitter to watch over their children. Staying in Disney vacation rentals means parents will be able to put the children to bed and enjoy themselves in another room of the home.

Many of these Disney vacation rentals come with private pools so you can have the option of spending a couple days relaxing by your own pool. The cost of the pool is included in your villa rental in Orlando, making a day at the pool an inexpensive, but still fun day.

Disney Vacation Rentals Mean Meals Are Easy

Planning and coordinating a meal out with a large group can be a complete nightmare, especially if you're traveling with young children. By staying in one of the Disney vacation rentals, you'll be able to plan meals at home - saving you from the headache of waiting for a large table. Additionally, you'll be able to save money by not eating out every meal.

The available kitchens in the Disney vacation rentals are also ideal for families dealing with food allergies. Because families can cook with known ingredients, there's less of a chance that food can become contaminated with an allergen.

Disney vacation rentals are the ideal situation for large groups visiting Orlando. Groups will be able to easily organize day trips, while saving money on lodging and food. Once you stay in a villa rental in Orlando, you may never want to stay in a traditional hotel ever again!

Christine O'Kelly is an author for IPG Florida Vacation Homes, a company that provides visitors with Orlando and Disney vacation rentals. Since 1989, IPG Florida Vacation Homes has been offering a variety of premier vacation rental homes in Orlando for customers to choose from.

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