5 Fun Beach Activities For The Whole Family: Flying Kites, Finding Treasure And More

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Published: 26th October 2011
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Summer is here and that means it's time to pack up the car and head for the shore. Bright sunshine, fresh ocean breezes, and a day of opportunity for fun make going to the ocean or lake the best way to spend a summer day. You can make your family's day at the beach even better with these special beach activities that are easy to arrange, inexpensive, and sure to create a memorable experience for everyone.

Walking along an ocean shore has long been a wonderful way to let the day's cares wash away, but it won't keep the kids happy for long. At the same time, leaving schedules and chores behind for a day of beach activities is a wonderful way to recharge your mental, spiritual, and physical batteries. Somehow, there is a certain magic to finding that unique shell or watching a kite soar over the waves that helps us regain our perspective and our zest for living.

Flying Kites: A Return To Childhood

Spending some time flying a kite, feeling it tug and pull as it dances in the wind, is one of the finest beach activities, at any age. All it takes is a kite and some string and the willingness to regain some of that youthful exuberance we all once took for granted. Imagine family and friends standing side by side along the shore, arms outstretched, swapping stories, feeling the pull of the wind, as their brightly colored kites wave at them from the sky. Now that's a photo opportunity, if there ever was one!

Sand Castle Building Contest

Children are instinctively drawn to dig in the sand. As adults, we tend to avoid it, knowing all too well about the way sand gets into everything. Rather than missing out on this rite of summer, your family can create oldster-youngster teams and have a sand castle building contest. You'll be glad you did when you hear the squeals of delight as waves crash into moats, and precarious kelp flags wave tentatively over transient towers. It doesn't cost a thing and, hey, the sand will get into everything anyway.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a wonderful way to provide focus to any outing. Create a friendly little competition to see who can find the most interesting driftwood, colorful ocean glass, fascinating rocks, or the funniest looking seashell. You can create a theme for your treasure hunt by having teams look for something from each color of the rainbow, a specific shape, or bring back something with a story to tell about it.

Get Sporty

The deep sand makes it both forgiving and challenging when it comes to traditional sports such as Frisbee, volleyball, and badminton. The equipment can often be found in your own garage and it is something everyone can enjoy playing or watching during your day on the shore.

Musical Beach Chairs

While lounge chairs are made for relaxing, watching loved ones compete in a heated game of Musical Beach Chairs can have everyone roaring with laughter. Legs sink, chairs tip, and everyone ends up flailing about and laughing riotously. All it takes are the chairs you already have with you and some music. You may want to have a camera ready for this beach activity, too!

A healthy picnic and plenty of clean water round off an affordable and enjoyable day at the shore. Some inexpensive sporting equipment, a few lounge chairs, and some kites with plenty of line can all come together to create a memorable day that everyone can enjoy. Just be sure to pack the sunscreen!

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